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What is Aven Yoga?

Aven Yoga is a yoga studio or yoga shala, situated in Lambal/Lamballe in Brittany.

Here you can take a class in breton, french and english (Hablo castillano tambien un poco, pero no soy tanto fluido que en las otras lenguas)

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient indian practice, including a physical aspect, well known in our countries, the asanas or postures.

Indeed, by working on your body you develop mastery over it, delay the effects of time and preserve your physical health.

But the main goal of Yoga is to concentrate and focus the mind. The asanas, combined with Pranayama (mastery of breath and prana) and meditation give one the key not to be caught in the waves of mental activity.

As "Yoga" litteraly means "union", we can consider it to be a path to the union of body and mind (pure consciousness).

Hindouists also define it as a way to melt the individual soul (Atman) into the universal soul (Brahman).

Which styles do you teach?

I teach the following styles (if you clic on each name you will have acces to a video so you can get an idea of what type of practice it is):


Sivananda yoga. The "yoga of synthesis" combining mantras, pranayama asanas and meditation, for a better harmony.

Ashtanga yoga (First serie). A very dynamic type of practice which is an excellent counterpart of running, cycling, increase your strenth, flexibility, work on your fitness and off course your concentration.

Yin yoga. A practice in which a maximum relaxation is searched...but as asanas are held for 3 to 5 minutes it can be really challenging. Very good to work deep on flexibility and concentration of the mind.

"Yoga doux". Soft yoga or adapted yoga.

Hatha Yoga. All the styles teached here are in fact "Hatha yogas" for it is the name of the physical aspect of yoga.

I call Hatha yoga a course in which we focus only on asanas, not singing mantras or practicing pranayama.

Can I come to practice just for a short time ?

Off course! Feel free to join the classes whenever you want or need it.

Just let me know by phoning or emailing, and if you don't have your own mat we have everything you need here to safely practice...just bring your motivation and inner smile!

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